2023/05/30 09:36

[ 材料 2人前 ]
①豚肉 80g
②島生姜シロップ  30g
③醤油 15g
④酒 50g
⑤オイル 適量
⑥キャベツ 1/6玉

[ 作り方 ]

pork fried with ginge

[Ingredients for 2 people ]
①Pork 80g
②Island ginger syrup 30g
③Soy sauce 15g
④Liquor 50g
⑤Oil Appropriate amount
⑥Cabbage 1/6 ball

[ how to make ]
❶Mix ② to ④ in a bowl and soak in ①.
❷Slice the cabbage.
❸Pork marinated in oil in a frying pan The meat is grilled. When both sides are lightly browned Serve on a plate with shredded cabbage.
❹Pour the dipping sauce from 1 into the frying pan from which the pork was removed.
   Add the rest of the ingredients and stuff it lightly, then add it to the pork
   Hang it up and you're done.

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